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Electronics Blog

Ensil Electronics Blog is where you can find up to date industry news, repair and maintenance tips and the latest in electronic technology. Updated regularly, this blog is a one-stop-shop for your reading enjoyment.

Little Technology


Bigger isn’t better any more, especially when it comes to innovation in technology. And as tech gets smaller, the demands put upon it increase. Engineers and researchers that are shrinking technology are also designing it to be faster and to do more.
But “technology” is a broad term. Let’s take a look at some specific tiny tech developments in the electronics, healthcare, and industrial fields.


Tiny Pacemaker for Fetuses

The Children’s Hospital Los Angeles with the University of Southern California has developed a fully implantable fetal micro-pacemaker that has been green lit by the FDA. This device has the potential to positively impact around 500 pregnancies and families annually.


These pieces of technology have been placed under the “industry” designation as their scope of application is so broad.

Researchers Say Tiny Antennas Inside Microchips are Possible

Communication and flow of information is crucial to keeping any industry in motion. With these tiny antennae, it may be possible to allow more detailed communication and push forward the “Internet of Things” tech trend.

 The World’s Smallest Computer

The Micro Note M^3 has a wide variety of uses thanks to its small size. From its data collection capabilities to its ability to be implanted into the body, industries from oil and gas to healthcare will be finding the M^3 useful once its uses have been further explored. Ensil Group of Companies serves these industries and more, and is excited to see how we may serve technologies such as the Micro Note M^3.

What are we at Ensil doing to make our own tech smaller? One of our engineers explains:

We have taken a large electronic assembly with a military application (Air Force) and reduced their size. We also reduced the quantity of the circuit boards from six down to three, using up to date technology to replace obsolete components. We did this while still maintaining the 3 Fs: Form, Fit and Functionality. We utilized Embedded Software (VHDL) for the functionality of the circuit boards, allowing us to use not only smaller boards but fewer of them.

Keep watching for a future case study on how we’re using VHDL.

Wherever tiny tech fits in with the innovations of the world, Ensil will be there for service, repair, and manufacturing. Visit our Electronic Express Repair page for more information and a free quote.

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