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Electronic Manfacturing

Electronic Manufacturing

Electronic Manufacturing

custom prototyping

Ensil Custom Prototyping and Electronic Manufacturing  Division can manufacture your custom prototypes to the most critical IPC standards.

Ensil employs many different engineering disciplines such as Electrical, Mechanical, Computer and Software Engineers in house to ensure that prior to the manufacturing process your design meets the required specifications and form and function.

Ensil's large in-house inventory of electronic components ensures that any required parts are on hand. The resulting prototype can then be tested and inspected utilizing a range of sophisticated test equipment present within our labs.

To see how we can help you or if you have an upcoming project that you would like us to review for you, please contact us at with details of your requirements and one of our manufacturing engineers will contact you.


  • Size of production run
  • Delivery and turn-around time requirements
  • Drawings and circuit schematics
  • Bill of materials (complete with part numbers and descriptions)
  • Required test procedures
  • Sample assembly (if possible)
  • Minimum quality standard (IPC-610B Class II unless otherwise stated)


Electronic Outsourcing

All required equipment
Certified manufacturing partner
Cost efficiency and greater flexibilit
Personnel with years of experience

Samples of electronic manufacturing projects performed by Ensil

custom prototyping electronic circuit board electronic manufacturer electronic manufacturing

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Ensil Inc.

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