Ensil’s unique technological capabilities can be your partner to solve many of engineering and technological problems. We have the required resources to repair, modify or re-design and prototype many of these military devices and assemblies:

Ensil maintains a broad technical library and database of our past military electronics repair work for a broad spectrum of applications.

Repair, Don't Replace

Circuit Board Repair, Electronic Rework, Circuit Board Assembly

Ensil’s electronic express repair service supports electronic circuit boards and electronic components for defense (radar, aviation, aerospace, and more) and industrial (AC & DC drives, servo motors, servo valves) applications. With over 1 million parts in inventory, a huge OEM database, expert technicians and over 30 years in business, Ensil is your partner in technology

Ensil has the required technical expertise, facilities and the advanced diagnostic equipment to test and repair complex electronic circuit board assemblies found in communication, industrial, medical, mainframe, aerospace and military industries.

Ensil is a contract manufacturer and our technical staff are fully trained to diagnose and repair electronic products such as printed circuit boards (PCB), power supplies, displays, drives and controllers.

Our customers come from manufacturing and utilities industries as well as government, health and military sectors. We have the ability to repair any type of electronic equipment.

At our electronics repair depot we are aware that non-conforming production runs can be costly and time-consuming which can cause millions of dollars in financial loss. Ensil provides rapid and cost-effective rework solutions for numerous electronic OEMs here at home, overseas and for the end users. Our engineering lab is fully equipped with numerous BGA rework systems operated by highly trained technical teams.

This system is complemented by modern X-Ray equipment and visual aids that can magnify up to 2000X; easily detecting any shorts circuit or voids. As an IPC training facility and electronics technology center, Ensil has a distinct advantage of having trained technical staff to the latest technical and engineering technical specifications.

At Ensil, IPC instructors supervise all rework procedures and help to ensure precise removal and placement for each and every required electronic component. Our IPC procedures, complemented by our ISO 9001-2008 quality system guarantees dependable and highly reliable service each and every time. Our company provides high-quality repair and rework of medical, industrial and military electronic equipment.

List of electronic parts repaired by Ensil

For over 30 years, Ensil’s commitment to quality, engineering design, electronic repair and manufacturing has paved the way for diversification into many other related engineering fields. However, no other growth area of Ensil was a more natural extension for our business than the repair, rework and failure analysis of PCBs and Electronic Assemblies for AEW&C (Airborne Early Warning and Control) Systems, Identify Friend or Foe (IFF) Transponder, LRU (line-replaceable unit), Military ECM devices, different platforms of Navy Radar Systems, SATCOM, Sentinel Radar, SINCGARS, Submarine Sonars, Tactical and Communication Radios.

For more information please check the List of Defense Platforms supported by Ensil.

As a prime defense contractor with a Canadian CAGE code of L1679, registered with Canadian Controlled Goods Program (CGP) and having Military Critical Technical Data Agreement DD 2345, Ensil is positioned to be your global supply chain partner. Ensil’s outstanding technical staff are suited for military, aerospace, naval and industrial equipment repair, rework, design and manufacturing. Ensil manages all orders regardless of availability of National Stock Numbers (NSN).

At Ensil we are confident that our engineering and technical experience coupled with our various registration and certifications will provide a diverse range of services and options to meet your engineering and technical requirements.

On this page you will find a partial list of products which have been designed and manufactured by Ensil.


In a world where array packages are increasingly contributing to higher density requirements of circuit boards, Ensil has invested in new inspection systems that enable us to check the integrity of terminations hidden beneath area array component packages, such as ball grid arrays (BGAs) and chip scale packages (CSPs), as well as those beneath flip-chip bare.


Our labs are equipped with inspection systems that can perform sophisticated correlations and movements in real-time in order to provide revealing views of hidden solder joints on electronic surface mount circuit board or internal views of the new generations of chip packages such as CSP and BGA. These systems allow us to orbit around an area of interest under the direction of simple hand movements. The motion controller translates these to three sets of synchronized motion that sets the PCB or chip area of interest in the right position, while keeping it close against the X-ray source on one side and moving the imaging system as needed on the other. This level of flexibility and precision gives us the capability to handle most inspection requests encompassing.

Ensil can offer a full range of testing services covering in-circuit test (ATE), functional and full system testing of your electronic products and assemblies. Ensil places a high priority on test and measurement to ensure that your contract requirements are met and your product reliability is maintained.

Developing your test strategy with you is part of our diagnostic service and your project inspection and test records can also be provided as part of our support for each of your customers.

Ensil’s electronic parts sales services facilitates all levels of sales, from choosing from our inventory to sourcing obsolete, discontinued, or hard-to-find components.