Circuit Board Testing

Ensuring that Ensil provides the best in electronic circuit board testing is something we take very seriously and having the finest in testing equipment is extremely important. Utilizing the in-circuit testers for the assessment of semiconductors and capacitors guarantees a precise reading through the Analog Signature Analysis (ASA). This process allows troubleshooting right down to the component level.

Process Benefits:

  • Test and troubleshooting in power-off
  • The ASA allows for circuit board testing and repairs without the need of schematics or records
  • Variable range parameter. When testing for signal or range you are looking to select the dominant range that will provide the most descriptive display
  • Ability to store signatures and document a specific test procedure allows for continuity among the engineers and the repairs
  • Can store frequently used signatures
  • Options to adjust and test: Resistance, Frequency, Voltage, Pulse Width and Level
  • Displays the visual representation of the ASA test signatures; indicating where the resistance changes, and how much it does so, across the test board

Working with these in-circuit testers and with those benefits provides Ensil’s engineers and technicians the best option to test and troubleshoot and can often be the first step in the electronic circuit board repair.


Inspection Rework and Repair

For over three decades Ensil has been involved in the inspection, rework and repair of circuit boards and electronic assemblies. This experience provided the time to amass our clientele and countless opportunities to ensure the best service be upheld with those clients. And now we want to do EVEN better!

2014 was a great year for Ensil! In the fourth quarter alone there was a 99% engineering project release time and a 98% shipping performance rate of completed projects. We had great numbers and we also gained several new customers and witnessed our company grow, both in office and with parts and product availability.

Now with the beginning of a New Year, Ensil brings to you its’ new and improved website

With sections outlining our Services (circuit board repair, rework and inspection, research and development, etc.), Reverse Engineering (focusing on solutions for Electronic Military and Aerospace Systems), a new easy-to-use Express Repair online form and much more – we`re ready to assist you with your PCB Repair and electronic design needs.

Not only has Ensil’s website been updated but the advancement of our social media and online outreach will truly help to better connect with you, our clients. Through medians like monthly newsletters, blogs, daily TwitterFacebook and Google+ posts Ensil will be able to help keep you up to date on industry news and our day to day services.

While some things have changed, Ensil’s dedication to customer satisfaction and technical innovation remains true. We look forward to providing our customers, the ones we’ve met and the ones we await meeting, with another great year of reliable service

2014 finished a hit and 2015 won’t see us slowing down.